The Book (PDF, EPub & Mobi) by Martin Fitzpatrick

The Book (PDF, EPub & Mobi)

The hands on guide to building Python desktop applications with the Qt framework. 


Building desktop applications doesn't have to be difficult. Using Python with Qt you can create fully functional apps in minutes. Starting with a basic window on your desktop, this book will take you through to building real applications including a web browser and a clone of Minesweeper.

  • Build your first app
  • Signals, slots and event-based programming
  • Building interfaces with Qt Creator
  • Packaging and distributing PyQt5 applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux

I've been developing Python desktop applications for 8 years using Qt. It's a great way to get started building professional and portable apps on your desktop.

— Martin Fitzpatrick


Great book, really got me started making Python GUIs!
Stephanie Lu
Good start, looking forward to updates covering more advanced topics such as interacting with databases and APIs
Antony Forrester
I bought your book because I wanted a simple way to create native applications, and  I was not disappointed.
Sergey Alexander

What's included?

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What you'll learn

Starting from the very basics of creating a desktop window the book takes you on a tour of the key features of PyQt you can use to build real-life applications.

The ebook covers — Installing PyQt (Windows, Mac, Linux), Creating a Qt Application, Signals, Action, Widgets, Layouts, Dialogs, designing apps with Qt Creator, Advanced Signals & Events, Multithreading Qt applications and Packaging applications.

Martin Fitzpatrick

A self-taught programmer with over 25 years experience, including 8+ years with Python. I love the flexibility Python gives you to create fun and useful things quickly.